Magnolia and Copics


Well I’ve never blogged before, but I’ve been telling Janet to watch this space and well…here I am and finally blogging! but what about, I am not really sure. You see I am not very technical and computers well they just scare me, so its taken some time and courage for me to muster up the nerve to do this. Now give me a Copic Pen and a Magnolia Stamp and well I’m anyones . Anyone who wants to know how to use them, that is.

Talking of which I’ve had a class today and I feel it went really well , we had fun and I feel the group of ladies now feel more confident using their pens in fact they are probably cursing me something rotten because they all went home with more new pens to add to their ever growing collections’. Then before they left I decided on having a Saturday dedicated to Magnolia Tilda Stamps and Copic Pens. This class will be on Saturday 26th September and will run from 10.30am -4.00pm the cost of which will  be £28.50 including lunch.If you’re interested and need something to look forward to after the school hols, give us a ring at the shop and we will be happy to tell you more.

Well I’m done now,wether it be right or wrong I’m not sure. So leave me a comment of what you think and you never know I may be back to babble on some more.

bye for now, Clare

P.S  I hate having my picture taken and the one above is no better, but it wasn’t my idea don’t know wether I can blame Janet! Dawn… all I can say its your go now.  😉


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  1. Attended the magnolia workshop yesterday which involved using copics… WOW. It was brilliant, I now know how to use them. Have had several attempts using copics on my own but just could not get the best out of them. After Clares very interesting and informative class yesterday, I feel a lot more confident in using them. After 4 weeks of no inspiration and the lack of enthusiasm in my crafting I am back in full swing colouring everything in sight. We had a great laugh and I am sure everyone learn’t something.I know I did.

    Thanks for a fab afternoon Clare can’t wait for the Magnolia Day in September.

    Pam x

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