My First Blog.


Hi to all you happy crafters,

My name is Dawn and i work at craftrange and have done since 2004 when we were a little section in boundary mill. Then in September 2006 all my dreams come true, when we moved out of boundary mill 🙂 and in to our own specially built megastore( its brill) and i had the job (which would be the envy of any crafter)in going with Deb to a few wholesalers to SPEND SPEND SPEND.(it was very exciting). we needed to fill this new craftstore, (needless to say we did it easily) the biggest task was the floor lay out and finding homes for everything, but we did it, on the 16th September 2006 the doors to our brand new craft megastore opened, I will never forget that day, the atmosphere the excitment the buzz the thrill the chat and laughter and the new customers. those who came through the door that day are now regulars and friends to me. Since then we have just got stronger and stronger, there is more staff as you can see at the top of the page. nothing is to much trouble for any of us, if you want it we will get it (if possible) we also do workshops for you to attend,and to swap tips and techniques, or just come for the coffee,craft and laughter.( we do a lot of laughing), in 2008 we opened a delightful little coffee shop, ( you must come and try it its just Divine) what more can any crafter want, a nice leisurely look round a craft store then a latte and a piece of cake ,then go back to spend and a chat with the staff, (what a good day out for any crafter) come and see us you ll love it:-)
This is my first blog, but as the saying goes, ILL BE BACK! look forward to seeing you x DAWN 🙂


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