hi crafters


yes i said i would be back, and here i am (bet you didnt think it would be so soon 🙂

I have just had my days off for this week,and at the beginning of the week i was nt looking forward to them, you see to cut a long story short a drink driver ran into the back of me back in February, when he went to court he pleaded not guilty and i was requested as a witness for the second trial this is what i was doing thursday of this week 2pm at leyland , everyone at work will tell you i was dreading it 😦 and by wednesday evening i wasnt a happy person, Thursday morning dragged i tried to keep myself busy but it was easier said than done.
I got set off at 12.30pm and had been on the road 20 min when my mobile started ringing (i nearly didnt answer it) i pulled up and said hello and the lady on the other end said Dawn! he is pleading guilty so you don’t need to attend the court, the relief  i  couldnt stop smiling 🙂  🙂 🙂  i turned round and went home, turned out to be a good day x

 Nearly as good as going to the craft club at craftrange every other thursday, what a good day that is, its just buzzing with happy crafters come and try it,

Friday i had been asked to judge two classes at the ladies w.i show in Clitheroe by one of the customers that comes into craftrange. I must admit i wasnt looking forward to it having never judged before, i asked Janet to come with me. and a good support she was i was glad of all her help,( thanks janet) we judged decorated t-shirts and wrapped gifts for children, the good thing about it was that we did nt have to pick a 1st 2nd and 3rd, we had to mark each entery out of 20. 1 being the lowest 20 being the highest. it was bit nerve racking to start with but it didnt take long to get the swing of things and in the end we enjoyed ourselves(that could have something to do with the cream cakes at lunch :-)) there was some nice work entered and a lot of the ladies all come to the store, i look forward to finding out how it went, thankyou ladies for asking us x

Back to work tomorrow, look forward to seeing you all over the weekend x DAWN 😉


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