Smiles all round !!




Well it was lovely to see new posts from Dawn and Clare, Dawn obviously enjoyed blogging and we have been treated to 2 posts from her. 

But how did Dawn and Clare both get those smiley faces – it was the first time they have blogged and after Dawn managed to put a smiley face on Clare soon followed and added one to her post.  !!!

I have blogged for quite a while now on here and on my own blog and cant manage to add a smiley face, so questions will be asked when I go into work tomorrow.  I have to admit I love going into work I am so lucky being able to do a job that is also my hobby.  Craftrange has a warm and friendly atmosphere that you just feel right at home, and not to mention the fabulous cafethat is wonderful,you can even call and order your food to take out or eat in.


Also thankyou to all the ladies that attended the Coffee and Craft Club it was yet again full of laughter and smiles with plenty of hints and tips being shared throughout the day.  If you fancy coming along we have 2 Club times 1 in the morning 10am till 1pm and one in the afternoon from 1.30pm till 4.30pm both costing only £3.00 each.  The only thing I would suggest is that you ring to secure your place as it has proved very popular so booking is really essential.

I have had a lovely weekend at home even though allot of housework has been done!!!

Hope to see you at the next Coffee and Craft Club which is held every other Thursday – the next one being on Thursday 6th August 2009.


Just before I go I have just been on the web site and noticed that the details for the retreats have been added, we are all very excited about this and really looking forward to them, again though places are limited so early booking is advisable.  Take a look on the web site for details.


Until next time

Happy Crafting

Janet  🙂  ha ha ha   Just came back to add my smiley !!!! he he he. Dawn you have started something here !!!


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