Hello crafters and friends


Hi,  its been a few days since my last blog,  and i thought i would come and tell you all about Tuesday night,

The last few weeks we have had a sponsor form on the counter, for any body who wanted to sponsor mick (Michael Toms Himself).  On Tuesday night 28th July mick was entered in the whalley nab race 5.5 miles of up hill and down dale over the fields and down the road. I had the bright idea of Janet and i going with deb to support him and take some photographs for the blog. Well what a night it started to rain early on in the day and i don’t think it stopped,  The  race was due to start at 7.00 o’clock, We were there  for quarter to so we could get a picture of mick at the starting line, they all got into position and we all got ready to take a photograph of them all setting off 🙂 (my camera went flat) they headed down the hill from the Judge Walmsley and turned right to head up the nab. Deb, Janet,Sarah,Joanne and I went for the car and did the wise thing and drove to the half way point. we sat in the car for a few minutes before realising we would miss them if we didn’t get out and dash up the road to a style they would be coming over and going in the opposite direction to were we was parked. we stood and waited at the style getting wetter and wetter by the minute. Then the excitement got tenser and tenser as the runners came over the hill top and headed towards us. Deb and Janet stood with cameras at the ready  all waiting for mick to come over the hill(not an indication to his age) 🙂 then would you believe it Debs camera went dead. 🙂  Then some one shouted” he”s coming”  we missed him coming over the top but got him coming down the hill (micks in black) he headed towards us like a speed of lightening over the style and back towards the finish line, (we all got back in the car).   Back at the finish the first runner came in with a time of around 35 minutes then a few more. And at 39 minutes exactly mick came in giving him 17th position, we did get a picture of him at the end of the run. (I thought he would do it in 35 min and Deb thought 41 min ) Mick has run for the Clayton le Moors harriers for 6 years and is in the v45 group ( this could be an indication of his age) 🙂

The race was organised by Garry Wilkinson and promoted by Clayton le Moors Harriers to raise money for the charity “Children in Malawi” to help them to put a roof on there school.

Any one wishing to sponsor/ Donate mick please contact us at craftrange.

here are the few photographs we managed to get 🙂    feel free to leave any comments about any of the photos especially on the one of the legs what do you think?

Just one more thing to say .  WELL DONE MICK  looking forward to the next one.




 On your marks get set go !!!


Speed of lightening !!!


 Heading for the finish line !!!


 Take me home Deb please !!!


Calves of steel or knobbly knees you decide ?

Please feel free to leave a response.!!!


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  1. Hi

    Well what can you say about such a fine figure and those legs!!! not bad for a man. Well done Mick nice to see you have recovered!!!!

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