Exclusive to Craftrange – Molly Blooms




Its been ages since I have updated you all, so lots to tell you over the coming week.  My computer is finally fixed but my camera problems continue-but thats another story.!!!

I have to start with some exciting news that Craftrange are thrilled to have an exclusive range of  stamps  – Clare who many of you will know from attending her workshops and calling into the store has designed a range of Christmas Stamps, they are absolutely charming.  The only problem that everyone is having is which to choose!!  We did some special sets that flew out of the door that contained the full set of images – they went down a storm. 

See the full range of Molly Blooms here, by clicking on the text highlighted in blue.  When you arrive on the page of Molly Blooms stamps – simply click on the grey highlighted text reading view product choices and this will show you the full collection.

If you are lucky enough to visit the store – Clare has some fantastic samples on display using Molly Blooms .  I will endeavour to get my camera working on my computer this week so that all our blog followers dont miss out. 

Everyone is asking will there be more – I am sure that in 2010 Clare will get back to the drawing board  and add to the collection (Non Christmas – of course) I know you are all eagerly awaiting and I cant wait to see Molly Blooms next set myself.

Talking about 2010 – Did you know that it is 82 days of Christmas Day  and 88 days of the 1st January 2010 !!! 

Will update again soon with some fabulous products and stories.



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