Craft Workshop



Wanted to show you all the fantastic workshop we had the other Sunday, we all had a really good time and everyone had fantastic boxes at the end of the day. 

Unfortunately the photos are not great but they are definitely worth looking at.

All the boxes were different and all turned out beautiful.  A good day was had by all.

If you would like to attend one of the workshops, take a look on the craftrange web site for details of classes running in May and June.

I will be sharing with you later in the week some photos of our Melt Pot Play Day – it really was fabulous.



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  1. The boxes are beautiful, I would love if you could maybe provide tutorials for those of us not able to get to craft range…

    I only come to Burnley once or twice a year and I hate missing the classes, I saw a gorgeous minibook made that was on the desk when I was down in february, and would have loved to have been able to make it. It was an accordian book.


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