Slice Elite Machine


Hi Crafters

Hope you are all well, and keeping warm !!!  Woke up this morning to snow – not much but enough to give a covering.  I love snow – when you can look out and see everything like a picture postcard – Fabulous.  Especially when its cosy and warm inside.

I have been playing with the Slice Elite

The Slice Elite cuts even more precise so your die-cuts will look even better. Moreover, the device cuts 40% faster and through thicker material (up to twice as thick). The Slice Elite works with all DesignCards and accessories and has the colour pink.

FINALLY!  The First CORDLESS Digital Design Cutter

My opinion – I liked using the elite, it is portable, very easy to use, compact and there are some lovely designs available.  I really like the size of the elite and just LOVE the new 12″ x 12″  pink glass cutting mat – magnetic to, now that’s fabulous, the machine just sticks to the mat without any problem.

So over-all I am impressed with my first experiences with the Slice Elite.

Happy crafting



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