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What a lovely day it has been.
I had a brain wave today (Ohh dear I hear you all say). Well I have for a couple of weeks been riding my bike to the end of the lane and back. I could manage that and was doing fine, possibly because its not that far !! Well today the sun affected my head and I decided I could go further I mean how hard can it be – Oh that was a great mistake, I am not sure how I made it back (How far did I go, I should be ashamed to say it was only about 4 miles it felt like 40.!!!
All I want to do is loose weight, is it not punishment enough that I am not eating chocolate and cake? I will keep you updated if I decide to do it all again.

Anyway hope you all enjoy this,if you have a go please let us have a look at your finished pieces.

Please leave a message on this post if you would like the template Emailing to you. You may want to transfer the template pieces onto cardboard which will make them more ridgid to draw round on your chosen card.Once you have drawn around all template pieces cut them out.

Step 1 – Email me for the Template

can 1

» Step 2 – Stamping Your Image

can 2

Use a versamark pad to stamp your image right along the bottom of the body of the watering can. Remember to take the stamp pad to the stamp and tap gently as this will give good even coverage of glue on your stamp. You will need to do this each time before you stamp your image.

» Step 3 – Chalking Your Image – Pan Pastels are Great.

can 3

Chose a pallet of colours in your pan pastels to compliment the colour of card you have chosen for your watering can. Using an applicator for the pan pastels, apply them with small taps to the stamped images remember to vary the tones of colour used as this will add more depth to your image. Once you have worked along the bottom of the card tap off any excess then using a large soft brush in a circular motion brush away the remaining chalk. Use stickles glitter glue here and there on the image to add a little sparkle and set to one side to dry.

» Step 4 – 3 Dimensional Butterflies

can 4

Take a sheet of A4 acetate and stamp your butterfly and dragonfly impression on using stazon ink. Depending on how many butterflies and dragonflies you want to stick onto your watering can, you will need to stamp 2 impressions for each one. Let dry for a few minutes then turn the acetate over and use dries clear glue to add your glitters, the new range of Stickles glitters which are ultra fine, work wonderfully on this and the range of colours is amazing. Once these images have dried completely cut out of acetate and attach together by gluing down the centre of the body only, then score and fold the set of wings up.

» Step 5 – Cutting the Grass

can 5

Cut 2 strips of green paper each to measure 30.5cm x 4cm. With a small pair of scissors cut along the top egde of the paper this way and that to make the grass.

» Step 6 – Inking the Edges


Take a blending tool and ink all the edges on all the pieces. This will soften the edges and give a finished off look to your watering can.

» Step 7 – The Spout

can 7

Take your spout piece and set 5 eyelets into top. On the centre fold of the watering can measure up 5cm from the bottom and using a craft knife make a slit measuring 5.5cm.Add doubled sided tape to the flap on the spout and push through the slit, and secure,

» Step 8 – Assembling the Watering Can

can 8

Take a fine liner pen and mark small lines around the watering can and handle. Next Push a large brad trough the card at the bottom of the handle on each side. Attach double sided tape to all the flaps and secure all the edges together.

» Step 9 – Finishing Off

can 9

Attach the tag with a selection of ribbon / fibers. Stick double sided foam pads onto the wrong side of your grass and attach all the way around the bottom of the watering can.Using small dabs of glue position the butterfly and dragonflies where you want them to go. Now stand back and admire your work!

Watering Can designed by Clare Rowlands.

Untill Next Time
Happy Crafting

Janet x


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  1. will you send me a template please Janet. whats with the exercise? you want to watch you don”t do some mischief lol x

  2. Will you please send me the template Janet. It looks lovely. Take care with the cycling you’ll probably feel worse tomorrow lol xx Gaynor

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