Melting Pot Melt Art Mania Only £36.99


Hello to each and every one of you, hope your all going to have a lovely day.

Just a quickie to let you all know that we have back in stock the amazing Melt Pot by Ranger. After all our pre-orders have gone out we only have 5 left in stock though!, we do have some more on order but they are proving difficult to get hold of.

Our price is great at only £36.99.

Everyone is loving the melt pot and Ranger this month have been running – officially MELT ART MANIA giving you photos, hints and tips on how to use and create different effects with the Melting Pot.

I have had a Melt Pot for many years now and simply love it, we were lucky enough to have the Lovely Suze Weinberg visit Craftrange and hold a workshop using the Melt Pot with Beeswax and Ultra Thick embossing Enamel. Suze Weinberg is a renowned, international, multi-medium artist and well-known for her love and work with the Melt Pot, the day was fabulous and one day we hope Suze will visit with us again. (Suze and Lenny Hotel Toms awaits your arrival).

If you would like to order one give us a ring and order via phone Tel…01282 833 091
If you are trying to order online at they are showing out of stock because the system has not updated them. So it is best to give us a ring.

melting pot
Melting Pot. Optimum temperature control Non-stick surface for easy cleaning Large handles for easy lifting and pouring Built ergonomically for maximum comfort Three-footed base provides stability Rapid even melting of many craft mediums.

Untill Next Time
Enjoy your day Be Creative!
Janet x


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