Creative Expressions Metallic Gilding Wax



Morning Everyone

Looks like we are in for a great day, looking out of my window – it’s just glorious.

Well you may remember a few posts back that I was going to play with the Gilding Wax.

Gilding Wax is a coloured wax medium that allows a metallic sheen to be added to card, lace, chipboard, baked polymer clay and many other craft surfaces. Gilding Wax can be used through masks to create backgrounds, as well as for highlighting embossed patterns and embellishments.

My first impressions were, I have to be honest not good. I was applying the gilding wax with my finger tips (you can also apply it with a cloth), my problem was that I was putting too much on and because of this I had to work harder to even it out. I also started on a blank piece of paper and covered a large area with the wax (this looked really messy so I was not to impressed lol) I wanted to die cut some butterfly’s, so that was the reason I started of with a blank piece – when I did die cut the butterfly’s I have to say WOW what stunning results you can get. So even if you think it’s not neat on your blank – follow it through you will get great results whether your stamping over it or die cutting etc.
After I had twigged that I needed to put less wax onto my finger tips and not worry about how messy it looks in the early stages, I was away – a little goes a long way – working with a small amount on your finger tip is the key to success with this product.

Its simple to use and apply giving great effects, and when you have finished applying the wax if you take a cloth and buff it up you will see a fabulous sheen can be given to your work.

Verdict – well worth a try, unusual effects, easy to use, blending wax’s together works well, can be applied to lots of different surfaces, great price, fabulous colours and highly recommended.

I would recommend that you start of with 3 pots of your colour choice and blend them together to create some stunning pieces. Try die cutting, stamping over the wax, applying to metal and scrunching your card after each layer of wax. If you do have a go, send us your photos so that we can share.

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Untill next time
Happy Crafting
Janet x


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  1. Wow! That’s looks amazing. Will definitely add some to my basket next time I’m in, I’ve been humming & arhing over whether to try them, nice to see them in action!

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