London Trip – Graduation,Cakes and Damon Hill


Hi Everyone

Where has this weather come from, it so hot !! I’m not complaining really lol

Another quickie today and back into the swing of blog land next week, when I will share with you all photos from the Summer Craft Event and we have a new tutor on board which I am really happy about (but I will share that with you next week – sorry for the tease).

Well below is Jennie my niece, the reason for my visit to London. Jennie Graduated from Westminster University and I went to her graduation, I felt like I was in a set from Harry Potter – Loved it.

Close second to the graduation was walking past Damon Hill, my all time favourite F1 Driver. Only thing is by the time my nephew had caught up with me to ask if I had seen him it was too late for me to see him !!! This is so typical of me.!! We had to sample tea and cakes after that – ohh that was such a hard task. Leaving you with photos of Jennie and of course the cakes, if I had, had my eyes open I could have shared Damon Hill with you all.



Back soon


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