Demonstration Dilemma!


Good Morning Crafters,
I am in an enviable dilemma, every Saturday Liz and I take it in turns to do demonstrations at Craftrange.
We have the freedom to pick what we would like to demonstrate and it is my turn today.
Here is my dilemma, I had originally thought of die cutting shapes out of thick card,I would use the ebosser machine, it is lovely to use and ours is at a very competitive price at the moment. Next I could decorate them with embossing powders, (I may have to use the gorgeous Frantage kits again!) and then coating them with something to seal and make them glossy (I was thinking of using Glossy Accents). Mmmmm endless possibilities I would enjoy that.
I went into the warehouse of Michael Toms Stationers (our parent company) to find some paper balls for a customer, I have known about them for years but only today did I notice that they had holes through them. They aren’t balls they are BEADS! So, I am thinking, whatever you can do on a flat piece of paper you can do on a paper bead. The lovely colours of Alcohol Inks to give colour and embossing powders for texture.
Oh the possibilities are endless but the working day too short to do both, bearing in mind we also have a full day Molly Blooms Workshop and an 80% off sale, I have to decide What I am going to do?
What would YOU do?
Will I have time to do both?
Call in to see what I have decided.
Don’t miss the next thrilling instalment of DEMONSTRATION DILEMMA!
Don’t forget, if you have any queries, give us a ring on 01282 833091
Carry on Crafting


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