And THE SALE goesOn


Good afternoon Crafters,
After 2 peaceful days off I have come into work at Craftrange to find that THE SALE has been extended for a week!
You lucky crafters, we all love a bargain and there are certainly some bargains to be found here.
It is two o’clock again and I have only just put the Clarity Stamps onto THE SALE table and the first lull in customers has given me chance to write a quick blog whilst I have my lunch. This afternoon I am hoping to make some room on the shop floor for the new stock coming in.
As for the Demonstration Double Dilemma – we should know more on Thursday as to who is doing what on Saturday, but, will there be time with new items being added to THE SALE every day?
Oh, I must go, I have some ladies at the till with their trolleys piled high with THE SALE goodies!
The Clarity stamps are going fast.
What will be added to THE SALE tomorrow?
Don’t miss the next thrilling instalment.
Carry on crafting.


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