Topsy-Turvy Thursday


Good Morning Crafters,
Today is Topsy-Turvy Thursday when we can’t plan to get any jobs done.
We are always run off our feet on a Thursday with the Coffee and Craft Club where, over the day we can have between 20 & 28 ladies who bring their craft projects with them and have a coffee, craft and chat and lunch in our café which Mick and Debbie run for the day.
They keep us on our toes, there is always at least one of the ladies needing some assistance with their Scrapbooking, Card making and Jewellery making to name but a few of their crafts.
Here at Craftrange we have a wide range of 12×12 papers in basic card stock such as the Colorcore, Bazzill and beautiful double sided pearl called Perigrina. Then, of course, we have lots of patterned 12×12, stocks change all the time as we never repeat on a range so that we have room for new ranges. It is a case of when you see it – buy it! We carry a similar range of A4 cardstock along with Parchmarque in 90gsm or 176gsm, the 90gsm makes beautiful inserts particularly for weddings.
We also have a comprehensive range of beads and jewellery findings. The beads are selling fast and it looks like one of my jobs is going to be choosing a new range – hard work but someone has to do it!
Of course THE SALE still goes on, I’m sure it won’t be long before Janet lets us know what is going in THE SALE today – she should get up earlier, don’t you think?
What will be added to THE SALE?
Who will demonstrate on Saturday?
What will be demonstrated on Saturday?
Don’t miss the next thrilling instalment from


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