Deer and Oh Dear Janet



Well today I have been organizing our next demo day – 14th September 2013, now that’s a date for your diary.

I always look forward to our demo days, but this one I am really excited about. We have a great team of demonstrators lined up for you including a Special Guest all the way from America! I just can’t wait. I will blog on this later next week when hopefully I will have a complete list for you all. If you have never been before – its well worth a day out with us, I promise you all that you will not be disappointed.

In my last blog I told you all that I had been out walking to try to see the deer that are around. As promised I have taken some photos for you and hopefully over the next few weeks I will have more.

Before I go I have to tell you all about today in the shop, we have had a little move around (oh dear). I decided in between jobs that I would help out – oh dear that was a big mistake. I spent most of the day picking things up that Gillian had dropped (oh dear that’s a BIG little fib, because it was me who spent all day dropping things on the floor) At one point I managed to drop a whole shelf of ribbons !!! It couldn’t be helped they just seemed to fly from the shelf and scattered everywhere. Of course I blamed Gillian who just happened to be right by me, but I don’t think anyone believed me that Gillian dropped the hooks everywhere when she was at the other side of the shop. Oh Dear !!! Deb just looked at me and do you know without saying anything to me, I just knew she was uttering the words “Oh Dear Janet, how I do despair”. I may help tomorrow by moving something like buttons and glitter to see just how creative I can be (I can imagine glittery footprints throughout the whole building.




Back Soon


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  1. Oh Dear Janet……why am I not surprised? dont be chucking stuff about tomoz or should I wear a hard hat when I come to club?

  2. Fab photos Janet! Looking forward to hearing who’s doing your demo day – hope I’m one of the demoers! Won’t be able to find anything in the shop now!!!

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