Todays Clue Is……….


Good morning crafters,
Well, yesterday truly lived up to its reputation of being Topsy Turvy Thursday! Debbie and Liz were busy making a balloon order that is going to Burnley Football Club today, Janet was titivating as only Janet can and I had three deliveries to put away. Never a dull moment!

I am now concentrating on my big adventure, I had a minor panic yesterday morning, I flicked through my travel documents before I left for work and couldn’t find my American Visa! Panic over, it is only an insignificant two line print out and it was there all the time! So, todays clue is I have packed my American Visa – where AM I going?

I hope that I see you tomorrow when, all being well, I will be demonstrating, will I manage to do all I want to do?
WILL my demonstration dilemma finally be resolved?
WHO will win the Blog Candy for Where’s Gilly and the email link?
WHERE am I going on my big adventure?
DON’T miss the next thrilling instalment from Craftrange,com.
Carry on crafting,


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