There’s No Rest For The Wicked!


Good evening crafters,
Yesterday was my first day back into work after our Great Craft Event and a GREAT day it was too. There was certainly plenty to see, some ladies stayed all day.
All the demonstrators had new and inspiring ideas to share with us mere crafters, Gezzy B was demonstrating a range of Tando laser cut shapes which have only just come into stock. There are every day shapes such a houses, buttons, butterflies, mini printer trays and clock faces, also we stock Christmas shapes such as sleighs, reindeer, robins and advent calendars, in Gezzy’s own words “You can throw any medium at them and they don’t warp or bubble”. She made some gorgeous samples.

different media

different media

Christmas Printer Tray

Christmas Printer Tray

Gezzy's own art work

Gezzy’s own art work

and Journalling

and Journalling

Gezzy is also running Journalling Workshops and a workshop for an Envelope Tag Book, sounds good.
Call in the shop or give us a ring for more details 01282833091.
The shop has eased back into normality, the office and workshop have been cleaned and the furniture has been moved back into its normal place, all that remains is the essential clutter (that only a crafter can understand) needs moving from the warehouse back into the office.
The shop needs restocking, cleaning and we expect some deliveries this week to restock and fulfil special orders and there will be customers to serve too!
YES Janet was still up at 2am on Saturday morning!
WHO will demonstrate on Saturday?
WHAT will they demonstrate?
WILL the office ever be straight?
DON’T miss the next thrilling instalment from
Carry on Crafting


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