Looks Like a Million Dollars!


Good afternoon crafters,
At the moment I am enjoying making beaded Kumihimo bracelets and necklaces. Every night I am sat there threading on the beads and weaving away to my hearts content. I have made a few different coloured set but my absolute favourite is one that I finished last night and just had to show you.

Looks Like a Million Dollars

Looks Like a Million Dollars

It feels so soft, fliud and comfortable to wear.
We have lots of inspirational samples for you to see in the shop and also have a workshop on a half beaded bracelet on Tuesday 12th November then you too could make gorgeous jewellery for the festive season. For more details just give us a call.
Here at Craftrange we stock all you need to make beautiful kumihimo jewellery,discs, threads, beads, pendants, charms, bell closers and jewellery glue. These items aren’t on our web site but to find out more just come in to see us or give us a call on 01282833091.
Carry on crafting,


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