Add a Bit of Sparkle * * to Your Life


Good evening Crafters

We have had yet another busy day at Craftrange, with a delivery of Sparkle Medium, we have previously stocked a small range of this beautiful product but we now have 44 colours to choose from, ranging from Silver to Welsh Gold, Diamond to Amber, Blue Sapphire to Jade and Ruby Gold to Diamond Quartz.
They are so easy to use and give you sparkling results, whether you are using card or acetate, low tack tape your stencil onto it, starting at the top, then the sides and bottom. Using a spatula, spread the medium over the stencil. Next remove all the excess off the stencil and the sides with your spatula and put back into the Sparkle Medium pot, waste not want not.
Now comes the magic, remove the bottom and side tapes, then lift the stencil from the bottom, up to the hinged top to reveal the pattern. If there are any areas that you have missed or are uneven simply lay the stencil back down and reapply the medium over the uneven area. You will be dazzled with the results, especially on acetate.
Go on, add a little Sparkle to your life, call in and treat yourself to a Diamond and Champagne for Valentines (who else will?). If you can’t call in just give us a ring on 01282883091 or visit
Now I need to get ready for my Jewellery workshop, we are making a Feather & Heart necklace.
Hi I am back we have had a lovely workshop and I am sure I will be back on a later blog to show you all what we made. Hope you are all having a great evening and not being swept away with this wind.

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Good evening Crafters,

Carry on crafting


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