It’s a Wrap!


Hey everyone,
I’m back…….. sorry for the delay. I have been out enjoying your beautiful country.

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Now, back to the long awaited final photos of my Faux Leather Booklet. I really had a lot of fun doing this project. It was something totally new to me and I am thrilled that I have made something practical that I can take home with me and will remind me of my great time with my new friends at the Coffee and Craft Club at Craftrange. Now, really, it wasn’t until I was at THE Craft Event that I saw I could have embellished it more but I am happy with it for being my first crack at it.
WOW! when I arrived at The Craft Event on the 14th I was amazed how many people had turned out to see the demonstrations. I thought that they were excellent AND they put up with all my questions, giving me inspiration to try some new things and even to take every day things and run with it, they have opened up new pathways to go down. Out of all the great ideas that were new I bought the gilding kit and flakes. I can’t wait to get home and give them a try!
I hope you had a chance to go round and see the different products being shown because there were so many cool ideas.
Until next time…………..;o)


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