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Distress Glitter in Wall Art


Hi Everyone

Todays Share!

Christmas Wall Art

Fabulous Vintage Christmas Papers
Spellbinders Snowflake
Distress Ink – Cranberry and Lettuce
Large Gem
Grunge Alphabet
Distress Glitter Lettuce – Really Loving the Distress Glitters, its like sugar.
Craftrange’s Special Grey Board
Cosmic Shimmer Drys Clear Glue
Red Line Tape
Foam Pads


Really simple, cut your grey board down to 6″x12″ you need two of these.
Decorate each panel as you desire. I used the fabulous Father Christmas on one side and a plain’ish paper on the other.
Apply Lettuce Distress Ink all over the Reindeer, go over the whole reindeer with Glossy Accents and add bits of the distress glitter in small areas to parts of the reindeer. Leave to Dry – overnight if possible.
Paint cosmic shimmer drys clear glue onto the aplhabet and cover with distress glitter, patting the glitter down to secure and leave to dry.
You will need to cut 2 x small strips from the grey board roughly 12″ x 1 1/2″ and decorate with paper.
Go round the edges of your panels with cranberry distress ink (roughly, this does not need to be perfect)
Once you are happy with your panels place the on the table upside down and stick with red line tape the two 12″ x 1 1/2″ strips to the back to secure the whole wall art.
Now that you have everything attached you are ready to attach your reindeer and alphabet, you can either secure with glue or use foam pads to give depth. Add your large gem to the snowflake to create the O in Noel, and decorate to your taste with any other gems that you like.
To hang this project up, I used string that I platted I used 3 lengths of string and platted – I did this 3 times so that I ended up with 3 platted lengths then platted those 3 together. It took time but I think that is was worth it. Attach this to the back on the outer edges with red line tape TaDah your now ready to hang.
Hope you enjoy making this, I know that I did.


Back soon
Janet x